Randall Young SCEMSDA Benevolence Fund

Randall O. Young - February 6, 1955 to May 30, 2017

The Randall Young SCEMSDA Benevolence Fund was created in March 2017 to assist the EMS providers in the South Central EMS region in the event of personal struggles associated with injury or catastrophic occurrences of life who are in financial need. Examples include fire, flood, illness or injuries of the employee or immediate family of the employee up to $500 per occurrence.

The fund was established in honor of Randall Young, a supervisor at Maury County EMS. Randall passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. He was a caring and generous individual that found joy in helping others. Randall was a long time employee of Maury Regional EMS, as well as previous employment at Marshall County EMS. Randall was a paramedic, as well as a supervisor. He had been a pastor, studying at David Lipscomb, but after a family problem he was not able to fulfill his role and instead turned to EMS. It was there he found his true calling. He was the person that people could go to needing help and he would do everything he was able. Randall was generous and contributed freely to any project or donation to help others. He demonstrated servant leadership through his need to help others; he was generous but also did not believe in false needs being recognized. Therefore, this fund has been so appropriately named in his honor.

The fund is managed by a committee of SCEMSDA members. All applicants will be managed with utmost confidence, while maintaining privacy.

If you are an employee of the SCEMS region, please consider contributing $1 per year to the fund. Recipients will not be denied based upon their contribution. However, support is strongly encouraged to support his legacy of care to establish funds.

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